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Hardware Retailers

Are you a hardware retailer or manufacturer in the networking industry? Do you want our support team to provide free, unlimited and unconditional support for your product(s) in our forums?

All you have to do is send us one or more units of the product you want to be supported, and as soon as our testing team have tried it out, written guides and additional documentation for it (which will be published on our site to aid the support process), we will start supporting your product on our website. No need for payments, contracts or agreements!

We are passionate about providing good quality support, and are always glad to be able to support more products. Interested? Why not drop us a line for more information, or to arrange delivery of a sample of your product to us.

When sending us your product(s), please include all appropriate cables, power adaptors, full documentation and software etc. along with the product(s). We will contact you to confirm receipt of your hardware, and once more to indicate when our testing team have uploaded guides/FAQ’s for your product and that our support teams are answering product specific questions.

Disclaimer: We are under no obligation to provide support for your product (beyond what our teams are able to achieve during their spare time). Please contact us in advance to determine if our support teams are able to provide support for your particular product(s). Please await our response before deciding to send us your products. We can not return any hardware sent to us. If you do not wish to permanently donate an item of hardware to us for the purposes of support, please do not send it to us as we cannot and will not make arrangements for its return.

Last updated by Kieran on Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
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