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JMK Firmware

Here are the main points for installing the JMK firmware(s):

Make sure you use Mugwump’s CD (burn it to CD and boot from it, don’t try and install it from the hard drive).

Make sure you have a compatible motherboard and the other bits as explained in the post here:

Make sure the flash memory is erased (by using the erase command if needed, as explained here in more detail below).

Make sure you give the router plenty of time to boot up after installation (up to 5 minutes) .

Make sure you just press for the MAC addresses – do not actually enter any MAC addresses.

Full instructions to convert to the JMK UPnP firmware

These instructions only apply to Mugwump’s CD version 5.2 onwards.

At present this only applies to Origo’s (or SafeCom’s) ASR 8000/8001/8400 models and may work with other generic Conexant routers but it does NOT include WIRELESS.

Note that the JMK and Origo/Safecom are separate companies and so using JMK firmware on a non-JMK router is not fully approved by the manufacturers.
Download Mugwump’s Origo Repair CD and follow the instructions below to the letter…

1. Remove 2/4 screws and open casing. (under rear rubber feet)
2. Place jumper (shunt) on the jumper pins* (Located in centre/right of PC Board)
3. Connect USB cable.
4. Connect AC Adaptor. Switch on the router.

If you want to erase the old firmware manually at this point, type “flash /e” (and press the Return key).

5. Type “rm_usb.bat” to erase old firmware & flash the firmware.
6. When Flash program asks for
“starting MAC address” and “ending MAC address”,
just press “ENTER” for each <- do NOT use your router's MAC address, just press ENTER 7. Switch off the router. Remove AC adaptor. 8. Remove USB Cable. 9. Remove jumper from the jumper pins* 10. Close casing and refit screws. 11. Reconnect cables (USB/Ethernet, ADSL, AC Adaptor) 12. Reboot PC and switch on router PLEASE NOTE - IT MAY TAKE UP TO 3 MINUTES FOR THE ROUTER TO FULLY BOOT AFTER THE FLASH * The pair of pins may be labelled "JP1" or "JP4". The jumper may have different labels according to the model and manufacturer (in most cases there will only be one set of pins). Log in to your router with : User name is "admin", the password is "epicrouter" You should see: Customer Software Version: JMK_4.1.0.21_100_01OCT04 Enter the ISP user/password details as supplied by your ISP. Submit & save the changes and reboot (the router will normally take 15 to 30 seconds to reboot). Thanks go to Mugwump for adding the firmware to the now famous repair CD!!

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