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Beginners Tips

Here are some tips which you may find useful:

Only use 1 cable to connect a PC to a router. You can use USB or Ethernet, but only one or the other, NOT both on the same PC. You can connect one PC via USB and another PC via Ethernet, but you cannot connect a PC via USB and Ethernet or via Ethernet and Ethernet. A PC only needs one connection, one cable, to connect to the router.


Ideally if you are using the Ethernet port(s), stick to using a single Ethernet card on a PC (otherwise the PC might get confused).

If you have a dialup-modem, you won’t be able to use it simultaneously with the router. You will need to switch between them; disable the one you don’t want to use and change the settings in Internet Explorer each time you swap between.

Windows / Network Adaptor setup for using a router:1. In the ‘Tools->Internet Options->Connections tab’ of Internet Explorer, set to ‘Never dial a connection’.
2. Un-tick everything in the Internet Options -> LAN settings
3. For the selected network card, under Internet protocol for TCP / IP, select ‘obtain IP address automatically’.
4. For the selected network card, under Internet protocol for TCP / IP, select ‘obtain DNS server automatically’.

Afterwards, reboot the PC. If you still cannot access your routers web interface via: (or then it may be worth refreshing the DHCP server(s):

How to refresh the DHCP server(s):

See here for instructions on how to use ipconfig from the command prompt ( – instead of ‘ipconfig /all’, type ‘ipconfig /release’ then ‘ipconfig /renew’.

Remember to use a microfilter on every device that connects to the telephone line (a microfilter is not required for a router on it’s own). See

Do not rush into a firmware change (upgrade/downgrade) – read about it first (see the tables and other posts on the forum) – it’s possible to make a mess of things and put your router in a coma (requiring a USB flash repair). Forum motto: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Remember to ‘submit’ and ‘save & reboot’ when you change settings on the router – sometimes it’s worth powering down after a reboot for 5 minutes to make the settings stick.

If you are with AOL, see the section in the : FAQ

Read the FAQ, search the forums. Read the ‘Help & Information’ section of the forum.

When you copy and paste stuff into the forum: paste into Notepad first and preview your post before you submit it. Make sure it looks OK. If you find the post looks odd after you have submitted it, please edit it.

If anyone wants to suggest any more useful info that might help others, let one of the admin know.

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