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Class I USB Repair

Router Repair / Flashing Latest Firmware via USB

If the link light on your router is not on steady or flashing after power on, then your router is most likely dead. If this is the case you will have to do a USB firmware flash in order to fix it.

You will need:-

  • A PC with a Intel or Via chipset (Intel is best)
  • A cross head screw driver to open the router.
  • A USB cable to connect the router to the PC via the USB connector.
  • A jumper like the ones used on the back of hard drives.
  • Mugwump’s firmware CD available from here: Full instructions on how to burn the CD and make it bootable are provided on the website.

What you do:-

  • Disconnect all USB enabled devices from your pc.
  • Insert mugwumps CD and close any auto run’s that occur.
  • Reboot the pc and press F8 before bootup.
  • Select to boot from the CD.
  • Once booted from the CD, open up the router, and connect the circuit board to the pc via it’s usb socket and the usb plug on the back of the board. Place the hard drive jumper over the two pins left on the pcb for such a task – be careful!
  • Make a note of the MAC address of your router, located either on the PCB it’s self, or on the back of the router on a label.
  • Connect the router up to the power at this point and ensure the “on” light shows. The PC cannot flash the router with no power connected to it.
  • On screen, select the firmware you wish to flash with (latest at the bottom is best). Select the fast pc or slow pc one depending on whether you have a pc above or below 900MHz. Selecting the fast option will invoke a pc slowdown utility as flashing must be done with a processor speed of 900Mhz or less
  • Type rm_usb.bat once you get a prompt.
  • Enter the start and end MAC address when prompted. The start MAC address is the one you wrote down earlier, the end address is the same for all Origo routers, and is 00-09-F3-FF-FF-FF
  • If the program refuses to flash the router, try a different USB socket on your pc. There is usually only one that works for this method – try them all.
  • When flashing is over, turn off the router by removing the plug. Remove the jumper and USB cable. Screw it back up into its box. Connect it back up to the pc via the LAN, remove Mugwumps CD, and re-insert your USB devices. Reboot your PC.
  • Turn on the router again. Within 2 minutes the link light should flash, and your router is fixed and no longer dead!

This guide is also available in PDF format HERE

Troubleshooting the repair process:



 ******** USB Flash programmer Ver 4.3 *********** 
 Initializing USB interface... 
 USB Controller not found 
 Fail to locate HOST USB device
If you see the text on the left and you have used the slow down option then your motherboard is not suitable (for the USB DOS Flash Repair).
 ******** USB Flash programmer Ver 4.3 *********** 
 Initializing USB interface... 
 No USB devices are connected to PC USB ports 
 Can not enumerate , no device attached !!! 
 Connect an USB device and try again !!!
If you see the text on the left then the motherboard is OK: try plugging the router into another USB port (make sure the USB cable is fitted before powering up the router) AND make sure NO other USB devices are plugged into the other USB ports on the PC.
Error:   Couldn't set clocks!!!
If you see the text on the left then you need to make sure you aren’t using a USB hub. The router needs to be connected to the motherboard’s USB ports which are usually only found at the back of the PC.

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