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The development team here at RouterTech release open source firmware for a number of different routers not to mention a wide range of software, utilities and scripts. Traditionally this has been made available through our forums and while this practice will continue we have had reports that our releases are not all that easy to find. As such we present this page as an easy portal to access ALL releases from the RouterTech team.

It is worth noting that only releases linked to from this page are endorsed by the RouterTech team and any other download (for example in the forums) should be treated with caution (unless they are posted by the RouterTech team, of course!).


Latest Release – The latest release of the RouterTech firmware

Latest Sources – RouterTech is an open source community and as such the sources for our latest releases are freely available.

Release Archive – We provide all our old firmware releases and source downloads for those that need to use them or wish to use them for reference. We recommend however that all users use our latest release and that developers use the most recent sourcecode available


Router Diagnostic – A simple tool to help diagnose router problems. It will create a useful report which can be pasted in to a post on the forum.

Telnet Scripter – A utility to automate telnet sessions making it easier to perform multiple commands if they need to be executed on a regular basis

Router Rebooter – This utility reboots your router when it detects you no longer have an internet connection. The uses are endless, we’re sure you’ll find one

Upgrade Checker – Lets you know if your router can be upgraded to use the RouterTech firmware (above) and if so which file you need to download

Config Fixer – Like your settings? Want to keep them when you upgrade without experiencing “broken” settings? This tool may help.

RouterTech Setup Software – Allows your to setup your RouterTech firmware powered firmware from the familiar environment of your desktop

RouterTech SFT – Simple File Transfer programs for those looking to send files from their PC to their RouterTech firmware powered routers


Our team have been around a long time. Long enough at least to have used routers that pre-date those currently on the market today. We therefore present some utilities for those who still live the dream of older technology.

Stats Monitor – Designed for old Class I routers, but may still be of use to some people. Allows your routers stats to be easily retrieved and displayed

Connexant Setup Software – Desktop setup software for connexant chipset based routers but written by the RouterTech team.

HTZ and DLF Tools – Connexant firmware interfaces were comprised of special files which could be edited with the right tools. These are those tools.

RouterTech Forum Utilities

Love our forum? Need to make the most of your time here? Hopefully these utilities will enable you to do just that.

RouterTech Emoticon Utility – Place emoticons anywhere in your posts straight from your desktop. Full range of emoticons available with a single click!

RouterTech RSS Ticker – We have an RSS feed here at RouterTech to make it easy to stay up to date. This utility turns our feed into a ticker on your desktop.

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