Multicast, or whatever that is.

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Multicast, or whatever that is.

Post by flamingkitties » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:24 pm

I have a Safecom SWBARR 5400 (I realise Safecom are Not Good, for reasons I've not looked into, however I've been using this router for about three or four years with no real issue, brush this matter aside for two minutes!)...

I am having issue with the download speed of my AppleTV with movies via iTunes - it's quite sluggish. The resolve, for other people with this issue, is to have turned on something called Multicast Filtering on their Linksys routers and this has fixed this issue for them....I am brain dead to what this means for my router. There's nothing in any of the settings under that name, I expect it's called something else.

Also, I assume Safecom are defunct, as there's nowhere to look for a firmware upgrade to see if that adds an option.

My questions are, where art thou multicast/equivalent on my Safecom settings?
It's something to do with sharing, I believe.

Is there any other setting you may think would reduce the speed of streaming media? (Youtube and the access to content on my own machine is at a perfect speed, it's just HD trailers and SD/HD movies which are sticking.

(I realise this may end up being an Apple thing, rather than my beleaguered router, but other people have resolved the issue by doing things to their router - sorry for rambling!)

Edit, someone else has said "turned off open dns" to get it to work.
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