Belkin N1 Vision - family settings

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Belkin N1 Vision - family settings

Post by rvanner » Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:42 am


I have a step son who plays a lot of XBOX via a LAN and also uses his PC for Internet. We manage his time by turning the router off at agreed times.

I would like to have the router do this automatically for me.

The Belkin allows this via IP management but it seems that the IP addresses are sent out based on who logs into the router first (automatic).

So if I opt for client IP filtering I need to give it the exact IP addresses of the devices I want to manage. How can I find out IP addresses of devices like XBOX's and iPod etc?

I can't use MAC address filtering becuase the Belkin does not let me manage those based on time.

Any ideas? Or any advice on a better router that can do what I need?


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