Need help to repair a bricked conexant modem/router

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Need help to repair a bricked conexant modem/router

Post by mattrix » Thu Jun 23, 2011 5:36 pm

I need to repair an nb1300plus4 and put on the netcomm firmware.
Although it looks to be very similar to the ASR-8400 according to viewtopic.php?p=28032#p28032%20 the origo repair cd will not work with this device.

From what I can work out to create a custom repair I need:

-To unpack the netcomm dlf file and create a pkg.txt (done)
-The conexant flash utility and supporting files (I have flash.exe).
-a Bootrom.bin

I have a few questions,
Does pkg.txt need any special formatting, eg filenames must be padded to 30 char etc.?
Which bootrom.bin do I need, is it the same for all the different manufacturers firmware?
What support files does flash.exe need? I have usb_defa.txt and mac_defa.txt, do I need anything else?
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