Asus DSL-N11 dropping internet connection when gaming

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Asus DSL-N11 dropping internet connection when gaming

Post by spacepods » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:48 am

Hi all,

I have had the Asus DSL-N11 for nearly 12 months and only now am I trying to play Burnout Paradise online from my PS3.
My first experience was disconnections every time I joined friends in-game. This would take down internet access (browsing) from other clients (laptop, phone etc.). So, instead of having just the DMZ enabled (and the IP address of the PS3 specified in the DMZ), I tried forwarding ports too. So, DMZ enabled and ports forwarded for Burnout. The port forwarding now allows me to join the game without disconnects but it still takes down internet access to other wireless clients.

Every other game (Battlefield 3, Assassin's Creed: Revelations and Brotherhood) I have played online since I have had this router seems to work fine. The problem appears to be exhibited only when playing Burnout Paradise online.

To summarise, I have the following setup...
PS3 static IP address, wireless connection to router
Media server functionality disabled on PS3
DMZ enabled
Ports forwarded - TCP and UDP
Static IP address from ISP
uPnP enabled
All other devices have dynamic IP addresses
OpenDNS DNS IP addresses used
Router firmware v00.0.17 (latest non-beta). v00.0.18 (beta) exhibits same issue.

I do think this is a router issue because a) a router reset allows internet access and b) it used to be fine on my old Safecom 54125 router.

Can anyone make any suggestions as to the cause of this and anything I can do to rectify it? I am in contact with Asus but don't hold out too much hope for a speedy resolution before the warranty expires.

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