port forwarding problem with Aztech DSL705E

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port forwarding problem with Aztech DSL705E

Post by natnauk » Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:16 am

hi everyone,

I am not able to edit my port forwarding settings i.e. I can't delete or modify the settings which I did previously for utorrent. I don't know if it has anything with Google Public DNS which I started using recently. Pls help.....thanks,

1) When I click "Delete" button, the webpage will refresh but the settings remain unchanged.

2) The settings have also changed by itself. Previously, I have set up as follows:-

TCP: 33000
UDP 33000

But TCP settings has changed to UDP i.e. I have two UDP for the same port but no TCP.

3) I am not able to edit the settings. After I click "Modify" and "Apply" to change UDP to TCP for port 33000, the port settings remain unchanged.

4) Also, there are multiple duplicates for the same port i.e. I have 55 identical UDP for the same port (port no 33000) and I am unable to delete them.

The Aztech Model No is DSL705E

Pls advise,

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