Linksys Router Looks Like A Suspect

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Linksys Router Looks Like A Suspect

Post by MartyC » Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:11 am

Linksys E1200 router
HughesNet Internet
OS: Windows 7 on a emachines desktop and a Toshiba laptop
Using Firefox v. 15 on both machines.

I had an unexpected power outage earlier today and suddenly I am having a major problem loading an in-browser Flash game called Glitch ( I had no problem loading the game last night. Websites load just fine, even YouTube. Other pages on - forum, profile, home page, etc. - load just fine. I'm having problems with the game itself. I suspect the router - maybe the settings got fouled up by the power outage today.

When I had a similar problem loading the Glitch Flash game, months and months ago, my warranty was still in effect, I called Linksys, we did some things I can no longer remember and the problem was fixed. But I know absolutely nothing about routers, my warranty is up and Linksys wants $30 to talk to me now.

When attempting to load the game, it gets to the point where it looks like its all loaded and ready to start, then I get an "Unexpected Disconnect" message and sometimes a Flash error. I do not believe this is a problem with Flash because I have updated it and other people playing the game are having no problem getting it to load. I don't think it's a computer problem, because both the laptop and the desktop are getting the same failures.

I ran the self-help test at and got a lot of failures and time outs. The Glitch support staff are very nice, but they're not in the business of giving router help. None of their suggestions have fixed the problem.

I have restarted the browser, the computer, the Hughes modem, the router and the cat. None of this has helped, especially the cat.

Anybody know what's up and how I can fix it?

If it helps, says, "We default to port 1443, and then failover to port 443 if needed."
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