G624t - fix ADSL connectivity by changing capacitor

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G624t - fix ADSL connectivity by changing capacitor

Post by rokafeller » Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:00 pm

Hi all,
it's well known that native capacitors on Dlink routers are low quality; degradation of these components leads to malfunctioning, depending on which capacitor fails. In this previous post I described how to fix ethernet connectivity not working anymore ad 100Mbps by replacing a couple of 47uF capacitors.

This time, on my G624T, ADSL stopped working: after some days of dodgy line disconnections (my line always used to be pretty good quality), it suddenly stopped to negotiate ADSL carrier anymore and the ADSL led didn't even blink upon boot. Ethernet ports were still working fine.
I fixed it by replacing the C12 capacitor (100uF/35V) right behind the leds.
Once replaced with a new one, ADSL connectivity came back. To solder the new capacitor on the board, I cut the pins of the previus capacitor and soldered the new one to the existing pins. This allowed me not touch the viaholes, which is something I prefer to avoid with my solderer.

hope this might be usefule for someone,

Running D-Link DSL-G624T, PSP bootloader in place of the original Adam2, RouterTech Firmware v2.97. OpenVPN and port knocking services activated.
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