TP w8980 bandwidth control setting question

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TP w8980 bandwidth control setting question

Post by WACMAN » Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:17 pm

I have the above router and would like to make sure that my xbox always has a decent chunk of bandwidth.

I have assigned the xbox a static ip in the router settings by finding the xbox mac address in the list on the router.

Now is the simplest was to just add a bandwidth rule for the xbox only?
From memory the router says upstream 2340 and downstream 750

Do I set a new rule as follows,

Up min 1500 max 2340
Down min 325 max 750

Would this mean I always get 1.5mb download speed regardless of how many devices connected?
Would all other devices share the left over bandwidth?
If the xbox is not using any internet do the other devices run on the full bandwidth.

Hope all this makes sense.

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