Being greedy 2 ISP's and 1 dual router

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Being greedy 2 ISP's and 1 dual router

Post by MarcoRouter » Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:41 pm

Hello everybody... first post.

I'm in France.
We have internet service provided by 'FREE'.
They were the company primarily responsible for driving total internet use in France, offering free telephony.
Everybody followed suit, so nobody in France pays for telephone calls.
Everything is included in the €30 per month fee.

However... being 3060m from the exchange, I can only get a max of 7Mbps down, and around 1Mbps Up.
(I currently am at 5Mbps, using ADSL2 Fastpath, but am working on getting back to 7Mbps)

Apparently I'm never gonna get much more than 1Mbps Up.
Cable isn't close by, so what to do?

I am considering a 2nd line..... or perhaps better.... a 2nd line with another ISP.
This looks to be very much cheaper than SDSL, which seems only to be offered at very high cost (how damned annoying).

With each ASDL line, one receives a 'so called' modem, which provides the wifi and ethernet 'out', plus a socket for ones telephone network.
I think (but don't know for certain) that the connection 'must' go through the 'modem' provided by the ISP (in this case FREE).

Does anybody know if this is true...... or can I use any digital modem/router?

I'm thinking of having two lines, but I believe that they cannot be bonded.... is that true?
If so... I believe that I may need 'load balancing' using a dual WAN router.


Primarily for uploading multiple photos.
Say... upload a directory of photos... typically two or three appear to start to upload at the same time... would a load balancer automatically cause another two or three to start uploading?

I suppose I want to know what is happening.... how best to use 2 lines?

Can anybody help?

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