Inter VLANs communcation issue

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Inter VLANs communcation issue

Post by impeham » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:35 pm

I'm using a cisco RV130W router: ... 31522.html

I need the following set up:

Two published wireless SSID networks:
1. For internal house usage
2. For guests

The guests network should be completely isolated from my internal one and only allow internet connection with just one exception - I want its clients to be able to access a single port belonging to a single machine on the internal network.

I disabled the Inter-VLAN routing to create the isolation, because this router does not have the ability to create firewall rules between VLANs. I thought about the following solution:

Expose the port from the internal network's machine using port range forwarding to the outer world (it's an HTTPS protocol so I am not worried about security), and use the clients in the guests network to access the internal machine through the outside world using my address and port.

I am sure that the external address+port are working fine from machines not connected to this router as I tested it from a remote machine connected to the internet from another location and it is working fine.

This connection is not working when the device is connected throught the guests vlan and I'm not sure why - I assume that the router does some blocking because it recognizes that the two machines are connected to it. Is this true and how do I bypass this?
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Re: Inter VLANs communcation issue

Post by MaggieWang » Tue Jan 02, 2018 4:44 am

I have same question,is your problem solved?
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