Telstra TG800vac Maybe Not Port Forwarding Correctly.

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Telstra TG800vac Maybe Not Port Forwarding Correctly.

Post by abrogard » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:53 am

I am having trouble accessing my IIS installation on win10 and I suspect this new router we've got.

Previous to changing the router all was good.

It is a home LAN with usually 5 machines running win10 and win7.

The main machine I use and with the main IIS installation is

We have a fixed IP or 'permanent' IP or whatever you like to call it: it doesn't change.

And I've had ports forwarded in order to access the IIS on 13.

It wouldn't work. And I couldn't get anywhere with help from forums nor the ISP - Telstra.

I set up another IIS on the LAN, on machine and forwarded a port to it.

After much hassling around it suddenly was working.

I could access that machine but I couldn't access 13.

I could swap the ports around so's they pointed to that machine (88) and it'd work.

Point them to 13 and it wouldn't work.

Now I come here today and I find I cannot access that machine from 84. 88, I cannot get it from 84.

I can't get 13 of course, that's still unreachable.

So I go to 88, the second IIS install and do localhost. I get it, the IIS installation. I do the IP + port 3300 and I get it, the IIS page.

I have three ports forwarded to that machine: 3300, 3333 and 55559. Two of them work. On 88 55559 and 3300 both get me 88's IIS but 3333 won't work.

And from 84 none of them work.

It all seems crazy.

Can anyone suggest a troubleshooting regiment that might enable me to find the problem here?

Sorry if my explanation has been confusing. Tell me what you want to know and I"ll respond.

Basically none of it makes sense. Port checkers always report the ports are not open, too, another thing.

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