Help RLS with Belkin N Wireless modem router

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Help RLS with Belkin N Wireless modem router

Post by amanda121287 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 5:20 am

Please could someone help me out here, I'm trying to get router logging stats to work with my Belkin N wireless modem router (model F5D8633-4-UK). I'm using windows 7 pro and the router is connected via an ethernet CAT5 cable which works perfectly. The router logging software latest version installs fine on windows 7.

The main problem is that the RLS doesn't fully connect to my router. The software says the router is online, it knows my line is an ADSL2+ connection but I cannot get any other details.

**I left the password = blank and left username = blank (the router doesn't have either set at present)

**I've had the same problem with x2 other free router line stats software too. i.e. DMT & RouterStats

Please could someone offer any help on getting the RLS to work with this router, PS:- I've even contacted Belkin but they were more than useless i.e. fob off.

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Re: Help RLS with Belkin N Wireless modem router

Post by Neo » Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:52 pm

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you are having problems trying to get some router stats (logging) working with your router.

Can I just check ... are you trying to use the Router Stats Logger software or something else?

My RSL tool was written specifically with the Class II routers in mind, running the RouterTech firmware.

As far as I can tell (looking at the list of compatible routers), the Belkin N Wireless Modem Router doesn't support our firmware.

I could try to obtain one of those Belkin router's and have a look at what stats are made available by the device, but I couldn't make any promises (it might not offer much and it might take a while to modify the RSL tool to work with that model :?).
Alternatively, you may want to get a Class II router (cheaply on ebay) to put the RouteTech firmware on to test with the RSL ... but in 2018, this type of router is rather old in terms of technology (I still use my RouterTech flashed Safecom router).


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