Aztech 600E syncs but fails to connect

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Aztech 600E syncs but fails to connect

Post by pepepotamo » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:33 pm

Hello all,

Just installed RT firmware v. 2.91 (v. 2.97 wouldn't boot) on an Aztech 600E DSL router, everything seems to be ok, the DSL line syncs, but it'll not connect to my ISP, I think it may be a config issue.

My ISP router (MEO Portugal) config is like this:

- IPoE
- VPI/VCI 1.35
- Multiplex: LLC
- Fcs : disabled
- Ulp : mac
- Mtu: 1536
- No user/password as far as I know

In RT web interface the modem status appears like "connecting" and "on-line", but it never establishes the connection, I have tried with PPPoE, PPPoA and DHCP connections modes, nothing works, so I guess the problem could be RT doesn't support IPoE and my ISP doesn't support any other protocol?

Maybe upgrading to a higher RT version would help? (2.97 fails to boot with "OS boot failed" on serial console, don't know why.

Thanks for any help or suggestion
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