Looking for Sphairon Turbolink AR860 Firmware

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Looking for Sphairon Turbolink AR860 Firmware

Post by remedy » Fri Jan 17, 2020 6:37 pm

Hello everyone! Lovely forum you have here, I'm glad phpbb is still alive.

I just ordered a used Sphairon Turbolink AR860 ADSL2+ modem/router, because I'm fed up with the TR69 remote-controlled bluetooth dect wlan kitchen-sink-appliances they sell as DSL routers these days.
Those might be great as honeypots if you're looking to get hacked, but this is not my goal.

However, I couldn't find any firmware online for this device, and the company is bust.
And I didn't catch that the modem has Annex B support only (which makes sense for it's age), but I'm on an Annex J line.

Now AFAIK, Annex B modems can usually be made Annex J compatible with a firmware upgrade. Correct me if I'm wrong.
But as I mentioned, the company is bust, so no dice. Until I found your awesome RouterTech aftermarket firmware here?

I don't have the device yet, but from this report here, the device works with this firmware:
This tells me it's based on the TI-AR7, and from some datasheet-googling, I found that chipset support for Annex J seems to exist (https://www.ti.com/pdfs/vf/bband/ar7_nsp_prod_brief.pdf).

So here is the big question I couldn't answer yet: Does the RouterTech firmware support Annex J?

The last release was in 2012, and Annex J is not that old, so I'm unsure.
The firmware download is broken, and I can't really search the forum for "Annex J" either, because it will just ignore the J.
I know time has moved on, but I hope the source-code gurus are still around!
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Re: Looking for Sphairon Turbolink AR860 Firmware

Post by thechief » Fri Feb 14, 2020 12:58 pm

I seriously doubt that Annex J is supported.
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