port forwarding broke after power cut

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port forwarding broke after power cut

Post by drewland » Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:48 pm

i have been running 2.93 on my linksys adsl2mue modem for a while now. i had 3 port forward rules installed and these were working fine.

I came home yesterday to all my kit being down due to a power cut. after restarting everything. outbound traffic is fine but nothing gets port forwarded.

i am not sure now how to troubleshoot the issue, some advise would be apriceated

i have read on another post that to test from the lan i need to enable "wan ip local nat loopback" i am not sure how to do this

for info i am testing from megaproxy as one of the ports is a plain web site
i have also reset the router to defaults and set every thing back up from scratch. still not working.

any info would be greatly recieved

thanks drewland
RouterTech Team
RouterTech Team
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Re: port forwarding broke after power cut

Post by mstombs » Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:54 am

A common problem with port forwards is that the target LAN IP must be reserved as a LAN Client IP address, or else rules don't stick.

There is a script you can run to provide "wan ip local nat loopback" see docs for "localnat.sh UP". This should allow you to test a forwarded website using your wan ip dyndns address for example, from other machines on the LAN. But note if you change portforwards the script must be run again, and you should also verify things from a real external IP address.
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