Warcraft 3 Battle.net issue: hosting and playing with AR7WRD

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Warcraft 3 Battle.net issue: hosting and playing with AR7WRD

Post by Muhon » Sun Jun 25, 2006 4:59 pm

Hello, everyone and thanks for stopping by.

I have this issue with warcraft 3. I have a generic ADSL Modem/AP/Router with RouterTech latest firmware. My brother and I want to play on different computers War3 via battle.net. I've managed to port forward from 6112 to 6119 to PC 1 and that PC can host. I've forward from 6122 to 6129 to PC2 (and configured WC3 so that starting port is 6122) and it also works. We can both play and join games at the same time, even join the same games. The only problem is that I can't join games my bro creates online. Same thing happens when I create and he wants to join. We can play together in another one's game or via LAN.

Ah, also, to be able to play, I had to manually configure windows firewall by adding the ports.

How can I do so that I can host and we can both play online, with other players as well?
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