Virgin superhub and Torrents

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Virgin superhub and Torrents

Post by robrude » Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:30 pm

Hi Guys,

i recently upgraded to the new superhub and 60Mb from XL 20Mb. The speed is great and i've got not problems there.

I've got a buffalo NAS box (on IP with a built in bittorrent client which I could download Linux distros (so legal) with my old modem. Since the SuperHub went in, it no longer connects but i can still download torrents from a pc using Vuze so its not like the superhub is blocking torrents for some reason. The NAS torrent client uses port 6881 by default

I assume some sort of port forwarding needs to be setup for this but what ive tried so far hasn’t worked.

These are the rules i've tried in port forwarding:

port 6881-6881 > protocol TCP&UDP

port 6882-6882 > protocol TCP&UDP (changed NAS client port to 6882)

port 10000-10010 > protocol TCP&UDP (changed NAS client port to 10000)

Anyone know what i should be doing?

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