New Firmware for Billion 7402VGP - version 5.06

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New Firmware for Billion 7402VGP - version 5.06

Post by SyBorg » Sat Apr 29, 2006 12:05 pm

A new Firmware has been released for the Billion 7402VGP. I saw a post for this over at the UK Billion Forum.
The new version (5.06) has some bug fixes, including correcting the up/down line stats that are the wrong way round in some places on the 5.05 version :roll: From what I've read elsewhere it looks like the main fixes are in the VoIP area but there are no change logs that I can find yet.
The new firmware (and indeed the previous couple of versions) can be downloaded from Billion at

I have yet to try this version as I'm not at home. Also please remember that this version normally gets advertised as UK only. If not in the UK you use this at your peril :D

[Edit: Here is a link to the release notes ... ost&id=743]
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