Please Help with my network setup Thanks : )

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Please Help with my network setup Thanks : )

Post by nasarasa » Wed Jul 11, 2012 12:03 pm

Hi All,
I need help to choose right product for my network its can be CISCO or else I just need to match my spec. I’m new “ green” on port and VPN configurations as newer have any devices in my house to play with them So sorry If something wrong : )
Found this “Cisco RV180W Gigabit Wireless-N Broadband VPN Router” It is this router will do below my requirements?
“Thanks in advance”

1 Internet - ADSL Connection - wireless modem from my provider. I’m thinking to disable all firewall function + wireless and all traffic to pass, basically to use this ADSL router as ADSL modem function
Or to buy new ADSL modem
2 I’m looking to buy firewall router /+ switch prefer GIGABIT to manage this:
A) 1 LAN Connection for my PS3. Opened ports only for games and web browser. The 1 LAN connection do not have access to other internal LAN connections. I do not know do I need firewall function or ? I just want lag free games

B) 2 LAN Connection for my “torrent” PC . Opened external ports for P2P + opened Internal port for FTP data transfer to Sever PC + will be god to have working scanner before any data sends to Server like: antivirus function or antihack function or more ? This is will be proper PC “torrent” connected so in case of hacked it is need to be isolated to internal access so the hacker can not access some way server and internal PCs – but same time I need to send data from this PC to server ? ANY ideas ? ( I have spare NAS box maybe it will be better first to transfer to NAS box then NAS box to server ? maybe it is more secure )

C) 3 LAN Connection for Laptop/ PC and other - must have firewall ON HIGH security . NO spam NO virus NO unnecessary opened ports for games or torrent or etc … NO porn sites and etc … I need secure web access Opened Internal ports for communication with Server PC

D) 4 LAN Connection port for IP CCTV Cameras it must be configured like this:
a. Access external web emails for data send
b. Access Internal Server PC for data transfer
c. Access Internal LAN remote web GUI for laptop/ PC
d. No other ports just above need to be opened
e. Do not know it is must be some scanners on ?

E) 5 LAN Connection port for Server / DNLA PC configured ports like this:
a. Access external remote control with mac filtering “so specified PC can connect”
b. Access Internal Laptop / PC
c. Access Internal Torren PC above
d. Do not know do I need more security on this port to have some options some special server ?
Thanks to all for comments
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