My gaming rig for sale...

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My gaming rig for sale...

Post by DDY » Fri Sep 08, 2006 10:01 pm

Im selling my gaming rig due to shortage of money, and an upgrade to to the new-er stuff.


Soltek EQ3901M Mini barebones system - £80

I took many photos:

The photos show the full rig with all the components in it, those are not included.

I have trouble trying to get to so i can’t provide a link. However here is a reivew

Whats in the box:

EQ3901M Mini barebones (chassis, PSU, motherboard)
Heatsink retention bracket (accepts 478 and K8 heatsinks)
Braided ATA cable (only one device)
90° SATA cable
Instruction booklets (quick install, motherboard manual etc)
Driver disks and utility disks
Zalman cooler 7000B
Carry bag
92mm Akasa fan

Mods i did:

1) The left side of the case has been modded with a dual 120mm fan grill. My 7800GS needed a mighty amount of ventilation. With this mod the GFX card can get alot of cool air from outside the case.

2) The right side of the case has been modded with a single 120mm fan grill. The original exhaust fan blew air backwards (check the review) this was horribly noisy and when it broke I couldn’t find a suitable replacement, so I took out a 120mm section of the case and installed a 92mm fan ghetto style with metal cable twist ties (check images)

3) zalman flower cooler has been installed. The original heatsink was destroyed in a mod. Any heatsink can be used in place of the zalman heatsink as long as it is compatible with socket 478 or K8, also must not be too big due to space restraints.

Personal notes

Do not under estimate the PSU, it is manufactured by Seasonic and is listed as one of the most efficient power supplies on earth with a minimum of 80% efficiency. It powers a 3700+ and a 7800GS.
The 92mm akasa fan is noisy, this can be solved by using speedfan.
This rig is one of the most stable machines i have built; except for the hard drive and fan I have never had a fault with it. This machine folds 24/7 at 100% load and always remains stable.
Unfortunately unless your planning on using IDE drives you cannot overclock the CPU due to the lack of a SATA lock.
The zalman cooler included will cover up the only PCI slot, to get over this problem get a smaller cooler, a intel stock 478 or a AMD stock K8 will do.

AMD 3700+ 939 Sandiego - £50

Never overclocked as it has been living in my SFF which doesn’t have a SATA lock, its a CAB2E with a stepping of E4. I’m certain you can get at last 2.6Ghz on this thing.

Giel 2Gb dual channel value kit - £80

Fully boxed
Never overclocked as it has been living in my SFF which doesnt have a SATA lock. Works well with BF2 lol...

Club 3D 7800GS 256Mb - £140

Fully boxed with stuff
Overclocks to 490/1400 with auto clock speed detection, probably goes higher but with the cooler on it now I’m not risking anything. Warranty still intact, never took the cooler off.



I only accept cash via post or postal order. I don’t want to price this stuff yet, open to offers at the moment. I may decide to keep some stuff if my finances changes overnight... More pictures and info on demand.
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