Successful bridge using SHDSL over unused phone lines

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Successful bridge using SHDSL over unused phone lines

Post by silicium » Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:15 pm

When extending a network to a remote building, it may be too far away for cheap wireless or copper/fiber ethernet, or just drawing any new cable hrough other properties too expensive. A big drawback of ADSL routers is they need a DSLAM at the Central Office, and even a mini DSLAM is not cheap. If there is an existing telephone cable with unused pairs, I found a the cheaper solution with G.SHDSL and Cisco routers. The WAN card of one router must be configured in CO and the other in CPE mode. The link can be configured using pppoa server/client like any DSL ISP or just a bridge. Speed is 2.3Mb/s using one pair. I was given another SDSL modem, the Speedtouch 610s which can use two pairs for 4.6Mb/s, and bought for it an used Cisco WIC-1SHDSL-V2 to put in a 1721 router configured as the CO. I spent around 50 € for the Cisco side and would probably have spent less for an used ST610s.
So if you want to avoid digging/drilling/pulling cables on several hundreds of meters, can reuse old telephone lines and do not need more than 4Mb/s, this is an interesting solution !
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Re: Successful bridge using SHDSL over unused phone lines

Post by MrFidget » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:31 am


I found a similar (same ?) article on the Cisco web site. ... 5834.shtml

There is suprisingly little information about this technology. Given the ubiquity of ADSL "stuff" out there, it is almost impossible to find anything conclusive about getting reliable IP at a moderate speed over old copper telephone ties. I have had a number of clients looking at this for VoIP traffic, rather than set up multiple layer 2 DSL services with a carrier, they would like to take advantage of the inter-building telco copper, without having to run new fibre.

I have been looking at DSLAMs and other technoogy, but nothing has been as clear as the Cisco article.

Does any one know if there is some routertech firmware compatible devices that can do this ??

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Re: Successful bridge using SHDSL over unused phone lines

Post by duke » Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:52 am ... L_DTU.html ... 930033F50F

some of the cpe which allow to connect any Ethernet based device over phone or network cable at extended distances

Ordinary ADSL modems cannot be connected back-to-back, because the ATU-R (ADSL Termination Unit - Remote) units that are used by customers require specialized ATU-C (Central Office) support provided by phone company equipment, usually by a complex and expensive DSLAM (DSL access multiplexer). However some symmetric digital subscriber line (SDSL) modems such as the SpeedStream 5851 can be connected back-to-back, allowing upload and download speeds of about 2Mbit/s over substantial distances, using a simple twisted pair of wires. Back-to-back operation may also be possible with single-pair high-speed digital subscriber line (G.SHDSL) modems. ... first_mile ... _PrefLoc=2
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Post by Williampault » Tue Jan 25, 2022 5:49 pm

I have bought a new HP computer. Have been streaming using a winamp, shoutcast encoder and XP. Now I can not get the encoder to stream voice and music together? Can any one help me?

ThanK You
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