OpenWRT AR7 platform

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Re: OpenWRT AR7 platform

Post by SimonIremonger » Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:04 am

geekgirl wrote:
Then click on the 'view changes' button at the bottom of the page
I believe it involves injecting the driver in the wireless-testing tree of the kernel
I didn't need to specially use those instructions in the end.
Eventually I just got backfire 10.3.1-rc(5/6) to build, using the usual kmod-acx-mac80211 OpenWRT package, of an updated version, however that links to the kernel (I'm not sure).
See Simon-Notes.txt here:- ... 30-r27838/
thechief wrote: Shouldn't this discussion be taking place in an Openwrt forum?
I guess so ;-). I'm posting this as a follow-up for completeness and point to related places on OpenWRT forums.

Related discussion on OpenWRT forum is:-

And, other tickets you can find me w.r.t. the Switch problem...
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