Ts.exe question

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Ts.exe question

Post by pigonabike » Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:13 pm

Hi there.
I have just tried to use the telnet scripter to send a couple of commands to a satellite router, but have not been very successful.
Hopefully some one can see what i am doing wrong.

so the r:/test.txt is:-

HOST 1829
SEND "at\n"

The output file shows:-
Checking Script ( clearing output file)
Running script
opening connection.

running a wireshark trace i can see the syn, SynAck and syn sent, and that is it. ( i get the same if i use MS telnet)
The strange thing about the router is that when you connect , there is no prompt, ( by design) hence the AT command sent to get some reaction and give a point to start.

I am getting a different issue with TST10, although where by i get past the AT and send AT_igps? and get a reply, but it doesnt see the OK and hangs at that point.

I have tried adding a delay before the At command, but again it didnt work.
Os is XP

Thanks for any advice

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