How to uload file on Router and use sft and ftp in busybox

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How to uload file on Router and use sft and ftp in busybox

Post by marsmar » Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:30 am

I have router Dlink DSL-G684t, with old firmware. I want put new firmware RouterTech Firmware v2.97. But when I make update, after restart there is still old firmware. Must do defragmentation with "Adam2 Defrag Tool". To do that, must put file " rt_defrag_tools-r1.tar " on router to dir \var. How to do that without internet connection. I can't use wget . There is only or ftp. How to use that commands. I have windows 7.

Connect to busybox


cd /var - sft starts on port 5556

what now ??? open console and
ftp -> open ???
Maybe shoudl I use ftp command on router ftp ???
How to use this commands sft and ftp in busybox ???
Witch programs use ???
How uload file rt_defrag_tools-r1.tar from computer to router ???

When I get that file on router, startin do

1) Login to the router via telnet (telnet [ supply username and password for telnet login ])
2) cd /var
3) wget "defrag/rt_defrag_tools.tar"
4) tar -xf ./rt_defrag_tools.tar
5) ./adam2-defrag (follow the prompts, and NOTE all warnings)

Any ideas ??? THX
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