Best way forward

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Best way forward

Post by njb73 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:04 pm

Hi Everybody,

New to the site and looking for advice please...

I had a problem with BT since August. I have had the BT Home Hub 3 for about 14 months and everything was excellent. My boys could play Minecraft online whilst others browsed with no problems.
My online PS3 gameplay was good...

Then all of a sudden back in August it hit the wall..

Everything went on a go slow... Only one device could connect at a time, when a new device tried it kicked the other device.

Gameplay online was non existant... Even getting the google search screen meant watching the blue circle of frustration for upto 20 seconds.....then it could be 10 minutes before you got a site that you searched for to show up...


I made over 9 phone calls between August 24th and December 10th.... Each call lasting more than 30 minutes, where each person/tech would run through speed tests and settings. Only to be told at the end of it that everything was ok at their end...
They just didnt believe there was anything wrong and wouldn't send out a new hub, as that was all it could be....

So in December i had had enough and bought a Netgear DGND3700v2..

Straight away i got my connection and speed back....I used it over crimbo and into January to make sure it was all ok...

I called BT the other day and went through everything again, and told them that i had to buy another router myself to back up what the problem was, and now i demanded a new hub.....

So I Have now received a Bt Home Hub 4 ....

I was just wondering if i should use the hub 4 or stick with the NetGear.......

Any Advice much appreciated..

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Re: Best way forward

Post by Alan » Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:50 pm

Hi, welcome to the forum,

Personally I would use the Netgear. I have never had very good experience with BT Hubs.

Try both see which one works best for you. I would try one for a week, then the other and see if one behaves better than the other.
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