trying to restore dlink DIR 605L

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trying to restore dlink DIR 605L

Post by duke » Sat May 04, 2019 4:07 pm

hello everyone after a long time i'm active here again

i have a bunch of free time and some really strange networking stuff that i'm trying to save from the landfill
tools serial ttl cable soldering skills ubuntu and windows pc and random parts spare capacitors etc

dlink DIR 605L had its factory sticker on it ,which i removed and poked inside looks fairly stock and no visible bad capacitors has 2 8-pin power regulators based on mosfets and is powered by 5v dc power supply

powered it on and unable to connect on the default gateway ip
rebooted with the reset button pressed it goes into recovery has a webpage emergency webserver where i can upload a firmware file
downloaded latest file and uploaded it ,uploaded correctly nothing happened

plugged in the serial cable and it looks like its going in a bootloop

will post the serial output here soon and photo of the board, i'm scratching my head right now,haveuploaded multiple firmwares all have flashed sucessfully (also show up on the serial output that flashing succeeded ) after flasing it loads up page ?? i dont know why
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