Pluscom AWR-7200

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Pluscom AWR-7200

Post by NX3 » Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:19 pm

Well after discovering this site at the weekend I immediate hit ebay and picked up a Pluscom AWR-7200. I'm on cable and use DD-WRT and been after an good equivalent for ADSL for long time for family members.

My tips for upgrading this router to 2.96

1, From Windows 7 run RUC (right click) select to run as admin and set compatibility to XP Service Pack 2 (as 3 it won't work!!)

2, RUC won't get fair without the login details as username = root, password = admin, for telnet. The web interface login is username = admin, password = admin, on defaults.

3, RUC won't backup the existing firmware, others have reported this

4, Follow the guides and be patient and cautious :D

5, Wifi didn't seem to work by default so I used the command "setenv vlynq_polarity high"

All good so far to thank routertech :)

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