RouterTech TNETW1350A 2.4 Release (20071020)

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RouterTech TNETW1350A 2.4 Release (20071020)

Post by Neo » Sun Oct 21, 2007 1:28 pm

This firmware release has been superceded by v2.5, and should now be considered obsolete. Please see here: viewtopic.php?p=27750 for the new release.


The following distribution is the release version, however there is still some risk involved and we recommend people to exercise care when upgrading. Also, and this is very important, it is easier to brick your router with this firmware so you must be prepared to do a repair and take the necessary precautions (like backing up anything important from the router). If you are at all uncertain about how to fix your router then we strongly advise to not touch this firmware at all.

After downloading the attached ZIP file, please read all the documentation that is included and follow all instructions to the letter. If you do not read and follow the instructions then there is a good chance you will 'brick' your router. Start with the index.html file, and read every file that it links to.

Please read EVERYTHING below - do not skip any of it!


RouterTech Firmware TNETW1350A Release

Version: RouterTech_ROHS_3.7.1B_20071020_2.4.0 (20071020103903)
Author: RouterTech Development Team (thechief, biro)

This firmware is only for the AR7WRD PSPBOOT-based range of routers that use the newer TNETW1350A wireless chipset. Do NOT attempt to install it on any router using the old TNETW1130 wireless chipset. Doing so WILL brick any incompatible router.

See THIS for more details on router types.

This release has been tested on the new Solwise SAR600EW "R" series (not the original series, which are incompatible), and on the newer range of SWART2-54125 ( (not the original series, which are also incompatible).


Disclaimer & Warning

Flashing this firmware onto your router may well "brick" your router quite badly (e.g., it may trash the bootloader environment, which you will then need to restore).

You must not flash this firmware onto your router unless you are very familiar with the PC-Tool and are competent in using it to un-brick a router.

Please take this warning very seriously. If you are not adept at recovering bricked routers, and if you are not familiar with the PC-Tool, then do not install this firmware!

And do NOT even consider installing this firmware unless you have first backed up your router's bootloader environment (i.e., /proc/ticfg/env) to your hard disk. If you fail to observe this, then you are entirely on your own - and if your environment gets corrupted, your router (or at least it's wireless functionality) might be irrecoverable.

The safest way to upgrade to this firmware is by using the PC Tool.

Before you upgrade, we recommend you run the Router Upgrade Check - this will backup your environment, LED config, current config, default config, generate a recovery script for the bootloader environment, and tell you if your router is suitable for this firmware.

You must first reset the router to factory defaults before installing this firmware.

If you choose to upgrade via the router's web interface, then you MUST observe the following
[1] First reset the router to factory defaults before trying to install this firmware.
[2] When upgrading via the web interface, you must wait for at least 5 minutes for the new firmware to establish itself. Do not do anything to the router for at least 5 minutes from the moment the upgrade process starts, and do not interrupt the upgrade process.

BEFORE installing this firmware, you must, among other things (see the docs in the zip file for those other things) back up a copy of your router's current "/etc /led.conf" file. We only have a few LED configuration files, and the chances are that we do not have one suitable for your own router. If you do not keep a copy of the original contents of that file, then we have no way of knowing how your LEDs should be configured, and the LEDs will always be wrong. This will not affect the router's normal operation - but you the LEDs will not be reporting the correct operations.
The RUC can backup your LED config - if you use the RUC then you can double-check the output by looking in the check*.txt file for data after the "/etc /led.conf" line.

PC-Tool and repairing / unbricking

See viewtopic.php?t=961

The links to our firmware require you to be registered and logged into the site to see and use them. This is to make sure we can provide you with support easily (in this forum) if you need it. When logged in they appear below this post.

  1. An extra led configuration file (led.generic2) has been added
  2. NSP/ATM 6.x have been removed, and only NSP/ATM 7.x are included. This reduces the size of the firmware image
  3. AnnexB support now has to be turned on by "setenv dsp_ver dsp71B"
  4. ftpfs support has been added.

Packages for this firmware may be added or removed over time:
AnnexA & AnnexB AR7WRD wireless routers with PSP Bootloader and the TNETW1350A wireless chip. Suitable for the new series of the SWART2-54125/GWART2-54125, the new "R" series Solwise SAR600EW, and other 4-port PSPBOOT-based AR7WRD routers using the newer TNETW1350A chip.

AnnexB is activated by using the following command via telnet:

Code: Select all

setenv dsp_ver dsp71B
This package should also support transparent proxying with Tinyproxy (by simply running "" instead of "tinyproxy").

Please Note
To save this post becoming too wordy or long-winded a lot of introductory text has been omitted - you will find more back-information here: viewtopic.php?t=1250
You should read that first (if you haven't already) to gain a better understanding.

Source Code

As usual we have made the source available to budding developers. You can download it from lara here
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
RouterTech Team
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