Class II Router Binaries

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Class II Router Binaries

Post by Neo » Sat Dec 01, 2007 4:11 pm

This is the AR7 (Class II) binary repository. It contains all sorts of utilities (and, now, also some kernel modules) that can be run on Class II (AR7) routers.

These binaries can be stored on a hard disk and accessed using cifs or smbfs mount points (cifs support is available in the RT firmwares from v2.3 onwards, and smbfs is available from v2.93 with wireless firmwares), or (with smaller files) from the router's /var/ directory. The easiest way to get the files onto the router is via scp. WinSCP works very well, both under Windows and Linux (WINE).

No guarantees can be made as to whether each utility or kernel module will operate exactly as you wish, but they have all been shown to execute/load. There are no doubt other utilities and applications that may run on the Class II routers. Any discussion on which tools you might like to see in the repository should be placed in to a new topic in the Repository section of the forum ;)

COMBINED DOWNLOADS (binaries and sources)

20100131 - 31 January 2010 release:
1. Compiled binaries [33.5MB]
2. Contents
3. GPL source code [48.0MB]

20090417 - 17 April 2009 release:
1. Compiled binaries [22.4MB]
2. Contents
3. GPL source code [37.8MB]

1. Darkstat (3.0.715rc3) [110KB]
2. BWBasic Interpreter [48KB]
3. Tinyproxy [43KB]
4. mini-upnp [35KB]
5. USB driver [31KB]
6. ftpfs driver and ftpmount [19KB]
7. OpenVPN (v2.1.1) [395KB]
8. Knockd [81KB]
9. Daemonize [7KB]
10. Full version of tc [43KB]
11. netstat-nat [7KB]
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