RouterTech Firmware v2.5 Release (20080331)

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RouterTech Firmware v2.5 Release (20080331)

Post by Kieran » Wed Apr 02, 2008 8:52 am

This firmware release has been superceded by v2.6, and should now be considered obsolete. Please see viewtopic.php?t=2143 for the new release.

RouterTech Firmware v2.5

Version: v2.5 (20080331)
Author: RouterTech Development Team (thechief, biro)
Other contributor(s): mstombs
Testers: Shotokan101, SyBorg, eMuNiX, mstombs

Compatible Routers
A list of compatible routers is available in our knowledge base. Please check this before even contemplating an upgrade and remember you should always ask in our forum if unsure. Also see the section below on backing up and compatibility.

Disclaimer & Warning
Flashing this firmware onto your router may well "brick" your router quite badly (e.g., it may trash the bootloader environment, which you will then need to restore).

You must not flash this firmware onto your router unless you are very familiar with the PC-Tool and are competent in using it to un-brick a router.

Please take this warning very seriously. If you are not adept at recovering bricked routers, and if you are not familiar with the PC-Tool, then do not install this firmware!

Do not even consider installing this firmware unless you have first backed up your router's bootloader environment (i.e., /proc/ticfg/env) to your hard disk. If you fail to observe this, then you are entirely on your own - and if your environment gets corrupted, your router (or at least it's wireless functionality) might be irrecoverable.

Backing Up & Compatibility
For ease we recommend you run the Router Upgrade Checker - this will backup your environment, LED config, current config, default config, generate a recovery script for the bootloader environment, and tell you if your router is suitable for this firmware.

Before upgrading you must backup your router config as detailed above and reset to factory defaults.

Please remember to run the Router Upgrade Check BEFORE you upgrade!

If you choose to upgrade via the router's web interface, then you MUST observe the following
  1. First reset the router to factory defaults before trying to install this firmware.
  2. When upgrading via the web interface, you must wait for at least 7 minutes for the new firmware to establish itself. Do not do anything to the router for at least 7 minutes from the moment the upgrade process starts, and do not interrupt the upgrade process.
  3. Once your router has been upgraded and be seen to be working you must reset to factory defaults again
NB: Before installing this firmware, you must, among other things (see the docs in the zip file for those other things) back up a copy of your router's current "/etc /led.conf" file. We only have a few LED configuration files, and the chances are that we do not have one suitable for your own router. If you do not keep a copy of the original contents of that file, then we have no way of knowing how your LEDs should be configured, and the LEDs will always be wrong. This will not affect the router's normal operation - but you the LEDs will not be reporting the correct operations.

The Router Upgrade Checker as described in the backup and compatibility section above can backup your LED config - if you use the Router Upgrade Checker then you can double-check the output by looking in the check*.txt file for data after the "/etc /led.conf" line.

Comprehensive Documentation
While full documentation is included with every release of our firmware we have also made it available as a separate download below so you can take time to read it before even needing to download a firmware. We recommend you do this as it will give you a chance to properly familiarise yourself with the process and get every angle covered etc.

PC-Tool and repairing / unbricking
Please see this forum topic

We have created a new file structure for the downloads which should make it much easier to decide which release to download. Assuming your router is compatible you just need to download the release that matches so say if you have wireless and the Adam2 bootloader then you would download "Standard Wireless (Adam2 bootloader)"

  1. Consolidates the v2.3 and v2.4 branches
  2. Problem with saving DDNS settings (in the ROHS version) fixed
  3. New facility for executing commands earlier during bootup - by "RT_init_x" entries in the environment ("x") stands for a number or some other distinguishing letter/number: e.g.,
    setenv RT_init_1 "mount -t minix /dev/mtdblock/5 /nvram" (will execute "mount -t minix /dev/mtdblock/5 /nvram" very early in the boot process)
  4. Transparent operation supported for Tinyproxy (run "" rather than just "tinyproxy")
  5. ftpfs support added to enable the mounting of directories from an ftp server onto the router (wireless routers only). Enable this by running "insmod ftpfs.o" and then using "ftpmount" to mount the ftp server - e.g., ftpmount /ftpfs (this mounts the directory "/root/export" on the ftp server "", onto the router's "/ftpfs" directory). It is generally a good idea not to supply your password as a parameter, since ftpmount will ask for it.
  6. IGMP snooping removed from the web interfaces of routers that don't support it
  7. New scripts added to set up cron jobs more easily (, Run the commands to see the syntax.
  8. UPnP bugs fixed (thanks to mstombs)
  9. New upnp daemon based on miniupnpd (see upnp.txt)
  10. Bugs with regard to multiple sntp instances fixed
  11. New dsp/atm drivers (7.03) added to the wireless firmwares (although not for the TNETW1350A chip)
  12. Realtek switch supported added to the TNETW1350A ("ROHS") wireless firmware (this allows the firmware to now support routers using the Realtek switch such as the PTI 8505G, and those with the IP175C switch, such as the Solwise/Aztech SAR605EW routers).
  13. "" replaced with simply "chksync", to reduce confusion :-)
  14. More led.conf files added
  15. Fixed "lanbridge3" problem in 4 port routers
  16. Fixed "lanbridge0" to "lanbridge2" problem in 1 port routers
  17. Separate firmware images no longer required for Adam2 routers with ATMEL flash (e.g., G604T)
  18. New (experimental) feature - "netshaper". Like the alternative "rshaper", this allows you to limit the bandwidth by IP addresses/ranges - plus a command to configure it: "netshaper"
    e.g., "netshaper -d 32768" (will limit the bandwidth of the computer at to 32kbps)
    The netshaper module is NOT loaded by default. Run this command to enable it: setenv "netshaper_enable 1" && /sbin/reboot
    NOTE that the netshaper facility CANNOT be used in conjunction with rshaper. You have to choose one or the other. Run "netshaper" without any arguments to see the syntax.
  19. Experimental script to enable "WAN IP local NAT Loopback" (
    Usage: " UP" to setup/refresh; " init" to install and update on each ppp-up event; " exit" de-installs.
  20. User writable /etc /ppp/ip-up and /etc /ppp/ip-down scripts, currently used by half-bridge, localnat and upnp, but can be added to.
  21. Experimental support for AnnexB in non-wireless firmwares (look in the "annexb" sub-directory). Please let us know whether this works (or not!).
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ROHS Firmware Sources
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