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RouterTech Emoticon Utility

Post by Neo » Wed May 10, 2006 1:03 pm

Emoticons are always available from the 'View more Emoticons' link ( posting.php?mode=smilies ) but now we have a utility to help add them to your posts etc :)

Download Utility Here (for Windows)

Set 2 Update: Download
June 06 Update: Download
For each update, unzip it to the same folder as the utility (and overwrite the pak file).

Basic instructions:

Be aware it might take the utility a while to load up as there are lots of smilies to display ;)

Once it has loaded there are two ways of using it:

1) Left-click on the emoticon of your choice - this copies the emoticon forum code to your clipboard for you to paste into your post wherever you like.

2) Right-click on the emoticon of your choice - this is a little more sophisticated and will actually try to type the code in your post for you (wherever the cursor happens to be). Important: You must click in your post first (if you are using the right-click option) in order to tell the utility where to type (the utility is always watching where you clicked last).

Linux version of the utility:

Download Utility (for Linux)

This version is more limited (no right-click function).

x86-based Linux distributions with GTK+ 2.0 (or higher),
glibc-2.3 (or higher),
CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) and

Note: You need (other versions like won't do).
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