RouterTech Firmware v2.9 Release (20090415)

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RouterTech Firmware v2.9 Release (20090415)

Post by Kieran » Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:17 am

NOTE: this firmware has been superseded by a newer version. You can get the latest version HERE

RouterTech Firmware v2.9 [NOW OBSOLETE!]

Version: v2.9 (20090415)
Author: RouterTech Development Team (thechief)
Other contributor(s): mstombs
Testers: Various RT staff & forum members

Compatible Routers
A list of compatible routers is available in our knowledge base. Please check this before even contemplating an upgrade and remember you should always ask in our forum if unsure. Also see the section below on backing up and compatibility.

Disclaimer & Warning

1. Flashing custom firmwares onto a router is not for novices, as the process may well "brick" the router.

2. You must not flash this firmware onto your router unless you are very familiar with the PC-Tool (or similar) and are competent in using it to un-brick a router.

3. Please take this warning very seriously. If you are not adept at recovering bricked routers, and if you are not familiar with the PC-Tool, then do not install this firmware!

4. Do not even consider installing this firmware without first reading all the documentation supplied with the firmware. If you fail to observe this, then you are entirely on your own.

5. Do not even consider installing this firmware without first running the Router Upgrade Checker (RUC) and following whatever counsel it gives. If you fail to observe this, then you are entirely on your own.

6. Do not even consider installing this firmware unless you have first backed up your router's bootloader environment (i.e., /proc/ticfg/env) to your hard disk. If you fail to observe this, then you are entirely on your own.

Backing up & Compatibility
For ease we recommend you run the Router Upgrade Checker - this will backup your environment, LED config, current config, default config, generate a recovery script for the bootloader environment, and tell you if your router is suitable for this firmware.

Before upgrading you must backup your router config as detailed above and reset to factory defaults.

Please remember to run the Router Upgrade Check BEFORE you upgrade!

If you choose to upgrade via the router's web interface, then you MUST observe the following
  1. First reset the router to factory defaults before trying to install this firmware.
  2. When upgrading via the web interface, (particularly for the ROHS wireless firmware) you must wait for at least 7 minutes for the new firmware to establish itself. Do not do anything to the router for at least 7 minutes from the moment the upgrade process starts, and do not interrupt the upgrade process.
  3. Once your router has been upgraded and be seen to be working you must reset to factory defaults again
Note: Before installing this firmware, you must, among other things (see the docs in the zip file for those other things) back up a copy of your router's current "/etc /led.conf" file. We only have a few LED configuration files, and the chances are that we do not have one suitable for your own router. If you do not keep a copy of the original contents of that file, then we have no way of knowing how your LEDs should be configured, and the LEDs will always be wrong. This will not affect the router's normal operation - but you the LEDs will not be reporting the correct operations.

The Router Upgrade Checker as described in the backup and compatibility section above can backup your LED config - if you use the Router Upgrade Checker then you can double-check the output by looking in the check*.txt file for data after the "/etc /led.conf" line.

Comprehensive Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
While full documentation is included with every release of our firmware we have also made it available as a separate download below so you can take time to read it before even needing to download a firmware. The router upgrade and firmware FAQs are also hosted online HERE. We recommend you do this as it will give you a chance to properly familiarise yourself with the process and get every angle covered etc.

PC-Tool and repairing / unbricking
Please see this forum topic

Assuming your router is compatible, you just need to download the release that matches your router - if you have wireless and the Adam2 bootloader then you would download "Standard Wireless (Adam2 bootloader)".

1. The wireless access point (AP) in the firmware for wireless routers is now turned OFF by default. This means that the wireless AP has to be enabled manually in the wireless settings in order to get wireless functionality. Disabling the wireless AP by default means that far more memory will be available when the firmware configuration is reset to defaults, and should assist with firmware upgrades and with dealing with other problems.
2. Added eth1, eth2 and eth3 to config.xml for 4-port routers. This may solve the pppoe "shared" problem. But it should have been done anyway.
3. Darkstat has been upgraded to v3.0.712.
4. Busybox upgraded to v1.12.4.
5. Enabled TCPMSS clamping in the kernel for the low memory (i.e., 2mb flash and 8mb RAM) routers. The MSS is clamped to pmtu. A new environment variable ("mss_value") has been introduced. If this is present, then the MSS is set to that value (e.g., setenv mss_value 1452 && /sbin/reboot).
6. The default MTU/MRU in config.xml and sysdef.xml have been changed to 1400. This should solve some connectivity issues. The value can be increased in the web configuration (e.g., to 1492 for pppoa, if desired).
7. Trimmed down the firmware for low memory routers. These have been removed from main repository: netshaper_mod.o;; netshaper
8. Trimmed down Busybox for all firmwares. This should free up some RAM for the router. These commands have been deleted from busybox: klogd; logread; pidof; getopt; cpio; unzip; uncompress; bunzip2; dirname; cmp; find; ftpget; ftpput; chgrp; chown; cut; length; mknod.
9. The facility has been extended. It is now possible to use from up to in the same way as is used.
10. Bug in RT "Configuration" (not writing the entry for USB correctly into the environment) fixed.
11. Work-around for errata (a.k.a "bugs") in some AMD/Spansion flash chips in some Asian (dual antenna) models of the Aztech DSL605EW.
12. Work-around for problem whereby some Windows software firewalls interfere with some functions (e.g., "RT Configuration", "Run Command", etc).
13. Reverted to earlier versions of pppd, and dproxy.
14. Added new environment variable ("PING_URL"). If present, its value will be used to the WAN connection ping checks (instead of
15. Separate AnnexB firmware images added for the standard (i.e., TNETW1130-based) wireless, and non-wireless 4mb-flash firmwares. This means increased choice of DSP/tiatm drivers, without increasing the firmware size. As usual, all firmware images for AnnexB are in a separate "annexb" directory.
16. DSP/tiatim v7.05 (AnnexA and AnnexB) and v4.x (AnnexA only) have been added to the standard wireless, and non-wireless 4mb-flash firmwares, and v6.x has been removed from the AnnexA firmwares.

The links to our firmware require you to be registered and logged into the site to see and use them. This is to make sure we can provide you with support easily (in this forum) if you need it. When logged in they appear below this post.


As usual sourcecode, released under the GPL, is made available for budding developers. Download the packages from our fast dedicated source code server using the links below.
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