Class II Router Repair

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Class II Router Repair

Post by Neo » Sat Jun 10, 2006 9:28 pm

Brief instructions on how to repair a 'dead' Class II router:
A. First, Assign the PC a static IP (e.g., in the Windows network settings (assuming you're using Windows - if not, then this will not help you).
B. Secondly, download the PC Tool (see below: NOTE that Windows XP is required for most PC Tool versions - Vista and Windows 7 are not suitable).
C. The follow these steps:

1. Turn the router off.
2. Start the PCTool software.
3. Turn on the router.
4. Wait for approx 2-6 seconds (you only have a small window of opportunity here) OR until Windows says that the 'network' is connected.
5. Click on "Retrieve/Assign IP Address" and hope it finds the IP address of If it doesn't find the address, you will need to repeat steps 1 to 5 several times until it does.
* Steps 4 and 5 are made easier with a custom-made serial console cable (see viewtopic.php?t=242 for more information).
* Another way of making steps 4 and 5 easier is to use an Ethernet switching hub (switch). Connect your router to the switch and the switch to your PC. Then when you get to step 4 there is no time limit because the switch will maintain the connection.
* A third way is to run the toolinit.bat (see attachment below).

6. Once the PCTool has found the IP address correctly, select "flash" for media type, and "binary" for file type, and then "download" your "Firmware - Kernel/FS" to the router.
7. After this is successfully completed, change your Windows settings back from static IP address to automatic, and restart your router.

Other versions of PCTool exist and can be found on the Internet. You may find that some versions are better suited to particular router models than others. These go by several names e.g. "TI Remote Application" and "Adam2App.exe" and "PC App":
1. Download PCTool v2.1, v2.3 and TI Upgrade in one combined package (Winxows XP only - these versions will NOT work properly under Windows Vista or Windows 7).
2. Download PCTool v2.4 (for routers with the psp bootloader only!). This version should work fine with Windows 7 and Vista (tested with Windows 7 64-bit) - but your mileage may vary. All standard disclaimers apply.
3. Download (an alternative version of toolinit.bat - to assist in connecting to the PCTool when you don't have a serial console cable).

Other repair tools, which you may find useful:
Router Repair Tool (RRT): viewtopic.php?t=2395

If you are having trouble with steps 4 and 5, and you don't have a switching hub handy, you could try the script attached to this post from Biro. Please take note of the script instructions:
IMPORTANT PC MUST have a static IP eg and netmask This program is currently set to look for the router on
If this IP fails then edit this program and change to and PC IP to netmask
Make sure router is switched off.
Biro's toolinit script
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