Dropping connection - no reason why should be?

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Dropping connection - no reason why should be?

Post by stuartrozier » Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:56 am

I've been having an issue with my belin router.

It's dropping connection, i think.

The internet coming into the house is virgin, into the virgin media box. I don't use virgins wireless, because it's beyond useable.

So the wireless belkin router is connectied via LAN cable into the virgin box.

The belkin router has been put into 'access point mode' ... the belkin technician also advised me to chance the belkins IP address to oke that falls inside virgins ip range, so that it makes the configuration page accessible wirelessly.

So here goes ...
the virgins ip is as standard...
the belkin is in 'access point mode' and connected via lan into virgin hub, and IP address for belkin router is

so thier is no ip conflict ...
so i don't understand why, at least once a day, the balkin router connection drops, the indicator on the router flashes, it's giving the impression it's restarting ? ...

I've also been on the phone to virgin technician, thinking it was the Virgin hub loosing connection, but they haven't recorded any drops in the virgin hub.

so the belkin router, looses connection, restarts (I think) reconnects ...
and is usable again within 2mins...

but this happens when thiers at least 2/3 devices using the wireless connectivity - and at least once a day, someone's 2-3 times ...

many thanks in advance,

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