D-Link GLB-502T Firmware Fix (only for this model)

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D-Link GLB-502T Firmware Fix (only for this model)

Post by sureshhacker » Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:52 pm

Dear Brothers..

I was searching to fix firmware problem in my router D-Link GLB-502T. and I found some information in our great website. so i combined all and tried my new way. before i was having problem with my router DSL and LAN LEDs blinking.. and also i was having one router with No ADSL link problem. I didn't use past 3 years the Routers. I used the following Method and Fixed my 3 routers..

Download the Router Repair Tool here bw/neo-redir.php?id=196
and Firmware of Modem Acorp ADSL 120i (Fully compatible with DSL 502T) from here http://www.acorp.ru/data/download/adsl/ ... _DSP73.zip

Now extract your Router Repair tool in c:\routerfix\

copy the extracted firmware image file to c:\routerfix\

open RouterRepairTool.exe. (if you are using above windows 7, run it as windows xp with administrator rights compatibility mode)

On “Details” tab set the following :


Router Description : Dlink GLB 502T
Router IP address :
Telnet username :root (Default)
Telnet password : Admin ( Remember first letter is Capital)
Flash Rom Size : 2
BootloaderType : PSPBoot
Network Adapter : Select the one to which the router is connected

Now Goto “Repair” Tab and Press “Initiate Connection”


Switch Off Your Router and only then Click OK.


When it prompts Switch on the Router switch on the Router.


It will connect to the routers bootloader.

Click the “Wizard” on top menu


Select “Un-brick the router” & “Import Settings” (This will fill the settings automatically from the previous pages) –>Next


Verify the Settings.– > Click "Test Router" then -> Next


Click “Try to Discover ROM size ” & “Try to Discover Bootloader Size

” Tick “Single Image” –> Next


Select image file location.(The one you kept in mind before). –>Finish

Now wait for the firmware to get downloaded to your router. Do not touch or try to access the router.

After the process has successfully completed wait for 5 minutes for the firmware to settle down.

Try to access your Routers page.

User name: Admin Password: Admin

If you can see the RouterTech page then the firmware update is successful ….

Go to “Setup”–>”Modem”–>Select “Multi_Mode” –>Apply.

Go to "Tools->System Commands-> click "Save All" wait for 5 seconds and Click "Restart" (Not Restore :twisted: ) "

All done..

Refer Link: https://ajiteshmadai.wordpress.com/2012 ... -firmware/
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